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Meet 丽莎 Lipton, LMFT : PACE Recovery Center Therapist

丽莎 Lipton, LMFT

在PACE恢复中心,我们感到非常自豪 我们的治疗团队。今天我们要介绍 丽莎 Lipton, LMFT .

丽莎 Lipton is a licensed Marriage 和 Family Therapist, with over twelve years of counseling experience helping teenagers, young adults 和 their families.

丽莎’s undergraduate degree was obtained at California State University Northridge, receiving a B.A. in Psychology. 丽莎 attended Phillips Graduate Institute in Encino, California, where she graduated with an M.A. in Marriage 和 Family Therapy.

Working for an outpatient non-profit organization for six years provided 丽莎 with the opportunity to work with a dual diagnosis population, addressing both substance abuse issues 和 mental health disorders.

丽莎’作为一名治疗协调员和治疗师,她在10-16岁的儿童和青少年治疗寄宿学校工作了三年,积累了丰富的居住经验和环境知识。共同举办家长研讨会和家庭研讨会,以 帮助家庭 对孩子所面临的挑战有更好的了解,这是康复和康复过程不可或缺的一部分。

In addition to writing numerous 文章 s, 丽莎 is presently a part-time adjunct professor at Woodbury University, teaching a course on Marriage & Intimacy.

Being married 和 the proud mom of a five year old son brings a personal perspective to her work. One of 丽莎’最喜欢的过去时光是和她的两只博美犬(Pomeranian)小犬大力神(Hercules)和萨姆森(Samson)一起漫步在美丽的加州小径上。



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